Core Business

Manufacturing Department 2 is manufacturing aerospace products!

Features of Production Manufacturing Department 2


Design and Production of aerospace jigs and machined parts
Machining of alloys from light ones (aluminum and magnesium alloys) through heat-resistant ones (Inconel and Waspalloy)


Production of large jigs(φ1600)
Precision machining of alloys from light ones through heat-resistant ones hard to machine

Main Products

- Jigs for discs, cases and burner cases for airplane engine parts
- Jigs for burner cases for spaceship engine parts
- Airplane repair parts

Main Equipment

Equipment Names Manufacturer Model Units Capacity
portal type CNC JBR Yasda Precision Tools YBM-1218V 1 2000-1400
NC vertical lathe O-M Ltd. TM2-12 1 φ400-1600
NC lathes Takizawa TAC-460/510 1 φ460-1000
Normal lathe Chubukoki LLA1000 1 φ500-1000
Machining center Okuma & Howa MILLAC611V 1 1600X600
Machining center Okuma Iron Works MC4VB 1 1000X410
NC milling machine Makino AE85 3 1200X450
External grinder KellenBerger 1000U 1 φ200-800