Environmental Conservation Activities


We have received ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification and implement activities to ensure compliance with environmental conservation and environmental regulations with all of our employees. Toyofine participates in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contributes the the achievement of the Goals and Targets laid out as part of the SDGs initiative as part of providing all of our products and services.

Environmental Policy

Business Philosophy

Environmental protection is the first priority of our management and we should contribute to the society by reducing impacts on the environment in every business activity and developing environment-friendly technologies and products.

Action Policy

We seek harmony with our community and natural environment through environmental management activities based on the following policies throughout our business activities.

1. We establish an environmental management system, environmental manual and specific scope of management to promote continuous improvement of environmental activities and the environmental management system incorporating all employees and revising as needed.
2. We comply with environmental related legal requirements and local regulations. We also conform to our own standards set as necessary and work towards prevention of environmental pollution as well as conservation of the environment.
3. We work to reduce environmental burdens that impact the environment in our business activities according to the following important themes.
We work to improve work efficiency by optimizing preparation and staging before operations and use energy without wastefulness while also trying to reuse resources, reduce resources and eliminate wastes.

Description of Activities

① Improving production efficiency by resolving operating issues


To promote energy saving and recycling

  • Saving electricity, cutting fluids, etc. using production equipment that works efficiently.
  • Saving energy by changing machines and plants with power-saving ones.
  • Save energy by reducing the power consumed by lighting, air conditioners, electric appliances, etc.

② mproving recycling rate for wastes


To reduce wastes

  • Reduce general and industrial wastes by raising the rate of recycling.
  • Change necessary fixtures and devices to recyclable ones.

We have certification according to ISO14001, the international standard for Environmental Management Systems.

ISO Certificate (PDF)