Design Development

Our cultivated technology and data built on our experience enables proposals for high performance shapes at lower cost. We have established a system for rapid design, rapid prototyping and rapid delivery using our original technology and know-how. For springs with shapes that cannot be produced by other companies, our advanced technical capabilities and abilities to make proposals enable us to design and develop new products that meet the needs of our customers.



We have multiple spiral spring machines and are able to rapidly support everything from mass production to small lot production for prototypes and more. Our decades of cultivated technology has resulted in improved facilities able to maintain the kind of consistent supply and quality required for mass production and earned us the trust of our customers. At our spring forming center that specializes in spring treatment enabling spring treatment for shapes other than coil springs (*1). This enables us to better provide products to match the needs of customers.
*1: Torsion spring, wind up coil spring, tension spring and more.
Our whole company is actively engaged in 5S activities. We maintain a clean workplace by focusing on the basic 5S actions: “Sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain.” By implementing 5S activities, we seek to improve the workplace environment and increase work efficiency and productivity.


Quality Control

We have a comprehensive quality control system to meet the high quality requirements of the automotive industry. We have inspection equipment that fulfills all customer requirements including shape and performance inspection, and provide customers with high performance products through excelling quality control techniques.