Business Philosophy

Best Quality, Cost Competitive, Quick Delivery

We endeavor to brush ourselves up and improve our technology and quality to be relied on and trusted
by our customers and regional society.


Since our foundation in 1966 we have worked to improve quality through innovation and augmentation with the support and direction of our customers.

It remains our calling to deliver top quality products to our customers.

We believe that quality improvement can be accomplished as a result of the growth of all members and the customers' confidence comes from their reliance on each member.

We aim to continuously contribute to the society by manufacturing professional products adapted to the trends of the times and meeting internationally accepted standards.

Managing Director
Motokuni Matsuyama

Slogan for 2023

Challenge for top corporate value
Change! Chance! Challenge!

東洋ファイン株式会社本社 東洋ファイン株式会社本社

Corporate value is based on the views of the customers.
That means the value of our existence is how indispensable we are to the customers.